1C:Drive in a Nutshell Training Course

Take a journey into 1C:Drive, 1C:Enterprise-based app for small businesses and middle enterprises
Course Overview
1C:Drive fundamentals for sales and project managers, and 1Ci partners
Business cases for trading, production companies, and its headquarters
24 hours with a tutor
Small groups of 4-6 people
Navigation through 1C:Drive core features
1Ci certification preparation
What You'll Learn
Understand 1C:Drive key business processes
Create your own demo examples for your potential customers
Explain how 1C:Drive functions
Make a ready-to-use 1C:Drive pre-sales presentation
Course Outline
1C:Drive for Production and Trading Companies
1C:Drive for Retail Outlets
1C:Drive for Headquarters
CRM and wholesale
Retail sales
Fixed assets and loan management
Purchases and delivery
Master data for retail sales
Financial accounting
Multi-operation production
Reporting and company analysis
Inventory management
Why Rise Company?
Over 15 years of professional expertise in software development of accounting, payroll accounting and ERP
Our courses are based on real materials of our 1C projects in South Africa, Angola, the UK, Spain, and the USA
Over 100 successful 1C:Enterprise-based products implementations
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1C:Drive in a Nutshell
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