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Revised on April 7, 2022

Rise MSK LLC (TIN 7736662782, PSRN 1137746689706, address: apt. 37, 59 Pastukhova Street, Izhevsk, Russia, 426004), represented by CEO Yulia Popova, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", and any individual who has accepted Rise1c.academy Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as the "Client". By purchasing Rise1c.academy services, the Client accepts and agrees to Rise1c.academy Terms and Conditions.


1.1. Conditional agreements are the definitions present in this Agreement that form its integral part.

1.2. The definitions are interpreted based on their essence and content of this Agreement. Below is a list of these definitions:

1.3. The Services are search for the Trainer for remote lessons provided to the Client via electronic voice communication channels as well as accepting payment for the purchased Course.

1.4. The duration of one lesson is 60 minutes.

1.5. The Client is any individual or legal entity who intends to undergo training and pay for the Services.

1.6. The Contractor is Rise MSK LLC.

1.7. The Trainer is an individual or legal entity who provides educational services on the Rise 1C:ERP Basic course.


2.1. The text of this Agreement is an offer (in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

2.2. Acceptance of the offer is payment for the ordered services by prepayment in accordance with the procedure defined in this Agreement and use of the Contractor's Services. The Client's acceptance of this Agreement means that they fully agree with all the provisions of this Agreement.


3.1. Relations in the field of consumer protection are governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Law "On Consumer Rights Protection", and other federal laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance with it.


4.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to find the Trainer ready to provide the Client with services in the form of remote lessons with the Client via Skype: http://www.skype.com.

4.2. The Contractor is not entitled to give preference to one person over another in relation to the conclusion of this Agreement, except where provided by law and other legal acts.

4.3 The methodology and format of remote learning is determined by the Trainer, taking into account the Client's wishes expressed before paying for the Services and during the course.


The Contractor undertakes:

5.1. To provide the Services specified in clause 4.1 of this Agreement to the Client within the time frame agreed by the Parties in a proper manner and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

5.2. Not to disclose confidential information and data provided by the Client in connection with the fulfillment of this Agreement.

The Contractor has the right:

5.3. To use services of any individuals and legal entities for the purpose of timely and high-quality fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement.

5.4. To demand that the Client makes timely and full payment of the cost of the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

5.5. To assign the Trainer for the Client at its own discretion.

The Client undertakes:

5.6. To timely and fully pay the Contractor the cost of the rendered Services in the manner, within the time frame, and in the amount specified in this Agreement

5.7. To provide the Contractor with all the information and data necessary to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.

5.8. Not to disclose confidential information and other data provided by the Contractor in connection with the fulfillment of this Agreement.

The Client has the right:

5.9. To require the Contractor to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement on time and with proper quality.

5.10. To refuse to fulfill the terms of this Agreement if the Contractor has not started to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.


6.1. The Trainer contacts the Client via Skype and gives a group Lesson. Lessons can be held in a row.

6.2. If the Client is late for the Lesson, the Lesson time is not increased by the delay duration.

6.3. If the Client is not available at the specified time, the Trainer tries to contact the Client within 15 minutes. If the Trainer fails to contact the Client, the Lesson is considered to be missed and paid by the Client in full.

6.4. Lessons that did not take place due to the Trainer's fault are rescheduled with no charges to another time that is convenient for the Client.


7.1. The cost of the Contractor's services and possible payment methods are available at http://rise1c.academy/. The cost of the Services is specified including all the necessary taxes and expenses of the Contractor as part of the provision of the Services.

7.2. Payment for the Services under this Agreement is made on a 100% prepayment basis in accordance with the procedure established by this Agreement.

7.3. Unused Lessons can be refunded upon a written request by the Client.

7.4. Lessons given by the Trainer cannot be refunded to the Client.

7.5. The cost of the Services may vary depending on market conditions, which is reflected on the website. The Contractor cannot change the cost of services for a specific Client if they have already accepted the Contractor's conditions and paid for the lessons in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

7.6. The moment of payment is considered to be the receipt of funds to the Contractor's account.

7.7. The Client is solely responsible for the correctness of payments made by them.

7.8. The Client pays for all services of telecommunications companies necessary for the provision of the Services by the Contractor themselves.

7.9. The Client does not get the refund if they fail to attend the Lesson.


8.1. Liability measures of the Parties that are not provided for in this Agreement are applied in accordance with the legislation in force on the territory of the Russian Federation.

8.2. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement, the Contractor and the Client are liable in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


9.1. The Client gives their consent to the processing of their personal data provided when receiving the Services, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update and modification), extraction, use, provision of personal data, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction. The Client gives their consent to collection, storage, and transfer of their personal data to third parties that provide Services under the Agreement with the Contractor.

9.2. To improve the quality of the services provided, the Trainer has the right to record English lessons.

9.3. The Client gives their consent to collect, store, and process this information, as well as to provide it to other persons providing educational services on behalf of the Contractor.

9.4. The Client has the right not to provide the Contractor and the Trainer (or other persons providing educational services on behalf of the Contractor) with any additional information or information when providing the Services, in addition to their full name, Skype login, and contact phone number.

9.5. The Contractor undertakes to take measures to protect the confidentiality of information received from the Client and not to disclose it to third parties, except for the cases specified in the Offer or legislation.

9.6. The Contractor may use cookies technology.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the Client's computer that allows the Contractor to save personal settings and preferences of the Client, as well as collect non-personal information about them.

9.7. The Contractor can use the received personal data for the following purposes:

9.7.1. Provide quality Services.

9.7.2. Make changes to Services to improve the quality of training.

9.7.3. Send messages to Clients about the receipt of Services, including information about promotions and special offers.

9.7.4. Provide the Client with support in obtaining the Services if the Client has some difficulties.

9.7.5. Send advertising materials to Clients and tell them about special offers if they have agreed to this.

9.7.6. Receive Clients' feedback and suggestions on the Services provided, including by email or by conducting surveys.


10.1. In the event of force majeure circumstances (as interpreted by the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation) that exclude or objectively hinder the performance of this Agreement, the Parties have no mutual claims and each of the Parties assumes their own risk of the consequences of these circumstances.


11.1. Disputes and disagreements that may arise during the execution of this Agreement will be resolved through negotiations between the parties to this Agreement.

11.2. If disputes and disagreements specified in clause 10.1 cannot be resolved in this way, they are to be settled in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


12.1. This Agreement is concluded for a period equal to the duration of the Lessons paid for by the Client.

12.2. This Agreement remains in force in the event of a change in the details of the Parties, a change in their constituent documents, including but not limited to a change in the owner, legal form, and other.


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