Online courses for 1C:Enterprise-based apps from

What can we offer?
  • Speaking club for 1C people from all over the world

    Rise 1C Club
  • Tutor-based course about 1C:ERP WE, flexible and powerful 1C:Enterprise-based app for Enterprise Resource Planning
    Rise 1C:ERP WE Basic
  • Tutor-based course about 1С:Drive fundamentals for 1Ci partners, sales and project managers

    1C:Drive in a Nutshell

Why Rise Company?
  • >15 years of professional expertise in software development of accounting, payroll accounting and ERP
  • Our courses are based on real materials of our 1C projects in South Africa, Angola, the UK, Spain, and the USA
  • Over 100 successful 1C:Enterprise-based products implementations
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